Our Advisory unit offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions aimed towards enhancing performance in a broader context.  Our solutions focus on the optimisation of the budget, treasury and finance function thereby enhancing the triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial) reporting of the entity.

Our expert teams will assist you to achieve your operational business objectives, set yourselves apart from competitors and unlock your potential for growth

Our services include:

Annual performance reports

Audit process management

Audit report analysis

Budget preparation

Conversion to different accounting frameworks

Due diligence

Financial accounting services

Formulating strategic goals to performance contracts to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Integrated reporting

mSCOA support

Reporting software solutions – Caseware

Review of audit files, work papers and calculations

Technical review of financial statements for compliance

Turnaround strategies to improve the audit outcome

Designing Integrated Development Plans (IDP’s), Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plans (SDBIP’s)

Designing other strategic plans