Performance information & reporting

performance-information-reporting-3Performance management and performance information are closely linked to the strategic objectives of the entity.  Performance reporting has a role to play within the entity.  Management should be able to rely on the performance information for decision-making and action plans.  From the strategic plan, the strategic goals are defined, and the performance information should provide insight on the achievement of actual results compared to the strategic goals.

Stakeholders are becoming more involved in entities.  Performance reporting is an important communication tool for external stakeholders’ relationships.

Our aim is to assist our clients to evaluate the performance information to highlight areas of excellence and improvement for performance reporting.  Performance information is evaluated against the backdrop of the strategic goals, local and international best practice and legal requirements.

Altimax’s team is highly qualified and experienced in performance reporting.  Their skills include in-depth knowledge and experience in both private and public sectors.

Performance information consists of a number of elements, depending on the performance management framework of the entity.  Altimax can assist with the complete performance management and performance information process.

Our services include:

Performance information evaluation

Performance information framework

Performance information policies

Performance reporting

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)