Risk management

risk-management-3Risk management is the effect of uncertainty on objectives.  Risk management forms part of good governance and focuses management attention on the critical areas of the entity.

Our aim is to assist our clients to manage risk by assessing the existing risks and formulating applicable responses to risk.  Our team is highly qualified and experienced in risk management.  Their skills include in-depth knowledge and experience in both private and public sectors.

The objective of risk identification activities is to generate a complete list of risks based on the events and circumstances that may enhance, prevent, degrade or delay the achievement of the objectives.  Thereafter risks are assessed based on a systematic process to understand the nature of risk and determine the level of risk.  Based on the risk assessment, the risk response is then formulated and implemented. A risk plan will identify potential problems; analyse how they can be avoided; how likely they are to occur, what action to take should they occur; and minimise the impact.   Risk reports are then generated based on an analysis of information available.

Our services include:

Risk management and response

Risk identification

Risk plans

Risk reporting